Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My Netbook Reflection

Hi my name is Christopher and I go to Panmure Bridge School and I am a year 5 boy in room 7.  I like to play class games and have lots of fun on my netbook, I do my work and activities that my teacher sets me because it helps me to learn.  I like my netbook because I can do cool things on it.

I look after my netbook because it helps me to learn and I can do cool things on it.  I go on studyladder and sumdog to help me with my math on my netbook.

Everytime my netbook goes flat I have to charge it and thats why when I put my netbook in the cubid I put it on charge. I dont drop my netbook because if it breaks then you will have to pay money.

We are using a keyboard to type and we are not using pen or a pencil to write.  We use tux paint instead of coloured pencils and felts.

what I enjoy most about my netbook is that I get to have free choice if i finish all of my work.  it is cool working on my netbook because it is lots of fun.