Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My Holidays - Christopher

BY: Christopher
Yellow Hat
The best part of my holiday was:
Was when I went to the library with my little brother and my sister.  My little brother is four years old and my sister is thirteen.  We went to the library to play on the computers.  Then it was adults only so the kids weren't allowed there so my brother sister and I went back home to have lunch then we had a little sleep.  The next day my Mum, Dad and I went to the video shop to buy some videos we brought some horror movies, funny movies and WWE movies.  We also had popcorn, ice-cream and Bluebird chicken chips, it was so nice.  Then we went to sleep and the next day we watched the rest of the movies.   
Black Hat
During the holidays I didn’t like it when:
My brother, sister, Dad and I had to go to my nana's house.  It was so boring all we had to do there was watch TV, go to the park or we had to read a book.   
Green Hat
Next holidays I would like to:
To see my Aunty’s, uncles and cousins in Gold Coast in Australia.  It will be fun there we could go to the beach and have fun at their house and we could play sports and games